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We are pleased to offer a “made to order” service so that your item will be made especially for you. If your size is labelled as “made to order” this means that your item is not in stock but can be made in 1-3 weeks for you. Please note that you CAN return or exchange the item as long as no custom adjustments or hem lengths have been made.
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Sample Product

Order a protoptype of this item so that you can try it on for style and fit before you place it as a "made to order" item.

You will be fully refunded for ordering this prototype once it has been shipped back to us.

If you need any small adjustments to be made (such as hem length) to this item then please pin in the areas required to be adjusted and we can make these changes to your "made to order" item.

If you would like help with how to pin the adjustments then please either email or call us and we would be more than happy to talk you through how to do this.

Hem Adjustments

If you would like to have a hem adjustment then please follow the instructions below.

Please note that there will be an extra cost of £45 for this service

Choose the Style

Please write your measurement in cm from the shoulder, straight down over bust to where you would like the hem to end.

Please consider your shoe choice

Please write your measurement in cm from your waist along your outer leg seam to where you would like the hem to end.

Please consider your shoe choice


93 billion

cubic metres of water used in textile production each year

7 billion

tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions emitted by 2015 textile production

140 million

worth of clothing goes to landfill each year

1 quarter

of industry resources are wasted as fabric leftovers each year

160 million

tonnes of clothing will be produced by 2050

Our 5 Pledges for Sustainability

Reversibility for Sustainability

Reversible clothing offers you two items in one. This gives versatility as you can wear your item from the day into the evening or to the workplace to an event, simply by reversing the item.

Any fabric that is left over from producing our clothes is saved and used to make our scarfs and pocket scarfs, which is why they come in different sizes. We have also found inventive ways of repurposing smaller pieces of fabric, for example we have made hundreds of non-medical face masks

Zero Waste

We work with sustainably conscious seamstresses in London who ensure our fabric is cut economically to minimise waste. The prints and pattern pieces are also designed in such a way that the fabric waste is kept to a minimum.

Sustainability is at the core of our brand, as we do not believe in “throw away fashion.” Our reversible items mean that you buy less and contribute less to landfill.

Made in England

We proudly support British manufacturing and industry. All our garments are produced in England and we've built up strong, personal relationships who contribute to the quality delivery of our collections.

We strive to be ethically conscious in every step of the process. From knowing our entire supply chain by basing it in the U.K, which means an ability to monitor working conditions and reduce our carbon footprint.

Sustainable Materials

We're constantly searching for fabrics that are derived from eco-friendly sources to help minimise our impact on. the environment. Whilst this brings challenges on costs and production, we're committed to finding the right solution.

Our packaging is biodegradable plastic and our tissue wrapping is sustainable. We also commit to using 100% recyclable packaging and have a zero plastic policy.

Season-Less Collections

We create high quality, timeless designs that work from season to season. Each collection builds complimentary pieces from previous collections. We're creating continuous fashion, not fast fashion styles.

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