Our Partners

We proudly collaborate with independent London Ateliers dedicated to upholding our high-quality, sustainable, and British-made ethos. Discover the craftsmanship behind our brand.

When Isabel launched her brand, she was determined to collabroate with British partners who shared her values: sustainability, ethical treatment of staff, and high quality manufacturing.

After an extensive search, Isabel found Ateliers willing to support her mission. These Ateliers offered small minimum order contracts, helping to reduce waste from over production and giving emerging brands a chance to succeed. They also embraced Isabel’s signature reversible clothing, contributing to the circular economy.

We maintain long-term partners with our Ateliers and visit them on a regular basis. We take pride in personally knowing everyone involved in creating our clothing.

We strive for transparency in our supply chain. If you would like to learn more about our practices, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Made To Order
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We are pleased to offer a “made to order” service so that your item will be made especially for you. If your size is labelled as “made to order” this means that your item is not in stock but can be made in 1-3 weeks for you. Please note that you CAN return or exchange the item as long as no custom adjustments or hem lengths have been made.
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Hem Adjustments

If you would like to have a hem adjustment then please follow the instructions below. Alternatively pleasecontact usdirectly and we can assist.

Please note that there will be an extra cost of £45 for this service and no returns/exchanges can be made once an item has been adjusted.

Choose the Style

Please write your measurement in cm from the shoulder, straight down over bust to where you would like the hem to end.

Please consider your shoe choice

Please write your measurement in cm from your waist along your outer leg seam to where you would like the hem to end.

Please consider your shoe choice