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We are pleased to offer a “made to order” service so that your item will be made especially for you. If your size is labelled as “made to order” this means that your item is not in stock but can be made in 1-3 weeks for you. Please note that you CAN return or exchange the item as long as no custom adjustments or hem lengths have been made.
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Sample Product

Order a protoptype of this item so that you can try it on for style and fit before you place it as a "made to order" item.

You will be fully refunded for ordering this prototype once it has been shipped back to us.

If you need any small adjustments to be made (such as hem length) to this item then please pin in the areas required to be adjusted and we can make these changes to your "made to order" item.

If you would like help with how to pin the adjustments then please either email or call us and we would be more than happy to talk you through how to do this.

Hem Adjustments

If you would like to have a hem adjustment then please follow the instructions below.

Please note that there will be an extra cost of £45 for this service

Choose the Style

Please write your measurement in cm from the shoulder, straight down over bust to where you would like the hem to end.

Please consider your shoe choice

Please write your measurement in cm from your waist along your outer leg seam to where you would like the hem to end.

Please consider your shoe choice


Our Ateliers

Isabel Manns works with independent Ateliers in London as well as independent pattern makers and seamstresses who are dedicated to supporting her brand being sustainable and made in Britain.

Before Isabel launched her brand, she first visited numerous ateliers and independent sample makers in and around London, in search of finding partners that were a right fit for her and that could produce her reversible clothing. 


Isabel also wanted to work with people that:

Care about emerging brands

Do not have large minimum order contracts

Are sustainably conscious

Have high quality sewing and construction knowledge 

Who are looking for long-term relationship


This was a lot harder than she expected. Many factories had higher minimum orders than she wanted or did not understand how certain items could be manufactured to be reversible. Isabel knew it was possible though, as she had created a reversible dress herself.

Isabel has worked with one independent sample maker from the beginning who now knows her style and construction inside out! They work closely together when creating the first sample and working out how to make new items reversible.

Isabel knew that she would also need to find an atelier that could produce larger quantities of items than one item at a time and it took months of searching to find the right people. The Ateliers she works with now produce some of the highest quality clothing for top luxury British brands, but although we are a very small label, they saw something in Isabel and decided to take a chance on her.

We visit the Ateliers on a regular basis and we pride ourselves in knowing everyone who is working on our clothing. During production we are constantly in contact with one another to answer any queries they may have.

We try to be as transparent as we can about our supply chain so if you would like to know more about how we work then please do not hesitate to contact us!



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